Yard Waste and Composting

Comprehensive Yard Waste Disposal and Composting

Eliminate Waste Efficiently With Composting

Get rid of your yard waste while creating the perfect soil by starting a compost pile with help of the dedicated professionals at Miramonte Sanitation. Not only will it reduce the amount of garbage you have to remove but also provides you with a nutritious, fertile soil your plants will love.
Yard waste

Read Through the Following Steps and Enhance the Effectiveness of Your Composite

  • Mix your yard waste with materials like dry leaves and shredded paper
  • Make sure the compost pile is always damp, but not wet
  • You can add materials like fruits, vegetables and grains, but you should avoid using protein-rich food and pet waste
  • Do not include chemicals
  • Turn your pile often
  • You should add your compost to your garden a few weeks before you plant
  • Bugs and worms can actually help your compost pile
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